Our Service Offers

Our 5 bundled service offers but we are flexible to meet your needs

Service Offers


  • We offer a client side role for the end to end transformation.
  • Entirely vendor neutral to assist with strategic assessment, vendor selection, commercials and execution.
  • We deliver as a package of work or augment roles in your organisation.
  • Focus on establishing the big picture vision and strategy then executing it.

Operating Model

Operating Model
  • We offer a transformation role for the operating model.
  • Focus on service oriented operational enablement towards IT as a Service (ITaaS).
  • We deliver as a service or augment roles in your organisation.
  • May be aligned to support a related cloud transformation program.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement
  • We offer a discovery and planning service related to IT Application, Platforms and Infrastructure.
  • Our scope often includes aligning your strategy to create the target service and cloud architecture.
  • The scope may be aligned to a business case to justify the broader transformation to cloud.
  • Our service often aligns with operating model change to enable in-house IT teams to support the transformation.
  • Implementation is typically a combination of in-house enablement and selection of transformation partner(s).

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration
  • We offer enablement and governance of a robust factory based approach for application transformation and cloud migration.
  • The service is typically aligned to application team enablement and related transformation to DevOps.
  • Implementation is via low level discovery, planning of move groups and alignment of architectural and operational standards.

Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution
  • We offer evolution of the cloud operating model to support digital business performance objectives.
  • This includes service governance to drive service reusability, agility and flexibility.
  • Evolution of the application services to integrate digital services with the consumer and supply chain.

If you would like to discuss any of our services and how we can help we would love to hear from you.